Lolita Lempicka

Lolita Lempicka is an awesome perfume that makes you feel luxurious from the moment that you open the box. On site, the beautiful bottle makes you feel as though you are stepping into the lap of luxury. The deep purple entwined with leaves of gold give this perfume the look of royalty. A beautifully apple shaped bottle and artistic writing give the bottle even more accents to let you know that what is held within the bottle is fit for a queen.

The scent of Lolita Lempicka is like no other perfume out there. When you first spritz it on you are greeted with a very sweet smell that tingles the senses and is just a bit overbearing, however give this perfume a moment to settle on your skin. After a few minutes, the fruity scent fades a bit and you are left with a scent that can only be described

as remarkable and attractive. The anise and spice wood mixture is what gives the perfume it's pleasurable and intoxicating scent that lays in the base of the perfume. On the surface, you have a mixture of licorice and velvet. While these scents alone may not sound like something you are interested in smelling, give it a try. They have a remarkable outcome.

Lolita Lempicka is absolutely the most unusual perfume of 2011. It changes and this is something that makes it so unusual while still being one of the best scents out there. The scent also lasts, so a couple spritz in the morning will leave you carrying the scent all day long. The interesting ability of the scent to change will give you a fruity morning, a comforting and royal afternoon, and follow it with a sensual and comfortable evening.